Be romantic with Maps by A.Jaffe

12341525_1004525496260335_2137875992850632775_nRemember where you proposed?

  • Map it.

Where you went on your honeymoon?

  • Map it.

That amazing spot you both love in Europe?

  • Map it.

That place you want to spend your retirement?

  • Map it.

Any special location, city, state, in fact, or any place in the world you hold dear -- can now be commemorated with the Maps Collection from A.Jaffe.

Original, romantic, sentimental, artsy, and definitely one-of-a-kind… it really is the perfect gift for men and women. Guys are pretty sentimental too, you know. That’s why Maps has a cufflink option for men, as well as several gender-neutral “tag” styles to suit both men and women.

Maps are available at Distinctive Diamonds in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. Add a date or engraving on the back, even add a diamond to mark any special spot. Order the horizontal rectangular Map pendant in any metal, then rim it with diamonds and engrave a special message on the back.

Where truly special gifts are found this holiday season.






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