Gold: From Under the Ground to Indiana Jewelry Stores

One of the most common images that come to people's minds when people hear the word "riches" or "wealth" is a treasure chest brimming with gold coins. It's not hard to tell why. Gold's natural luster is a thing to behold, making it one of the most valuable materials in the history of mankind. Even after thousands of years, gold is still highly popular; you won't find any Indiana jewelers without gold rings or necklaces for sale. But where does all that gold come from?

Like most precious gems and metals, gold's luxurious appearance has a far less glamorous origin, as it is found buried under mud and rock. Unlike the shiny gold bracelets and rings you see in stores, natural gold looks like an irregular lump of yellowish or greenish rock. Other minerals in the ground taint gold's brilliant luster, so miners have to unearth these chunks of gold and use different methods to get rid of the impurities.


After all the impurities are removed, the gold is heated until it melts, which is then poured straight into metal casts. The gold cools off and solidifies into solid gold bars, which can then be polished and shipped out in various ways. Most of these gold bars go straight to banks or Indiana jewelry makers, either as raw material or as trading commodity.

Despite developments in modern technology, the purpose of gold hasn't changed much since ancient times. Ancient civilizations often use gold to adorn special things such as ceremonial accessories and thrones. Gold has also been used for trading and commerce between different civilizations. It has been widely regarded as status symbols for the rich and noble, pretty much like how people today value jewelry sold by Indiana gold sellers.

Like other types of commodities, gold also varies in terms of purity, which is measured in karats (Kt). The purest form of gold available in Indiana jewelry stores are 23 to 24Kt and costs almost double, if not more than lower-karat diamonds. Since gold is made of relatively soft metal, high quality gold can be hammered or molded into more intricate designs a lot more easily than impure gold.

While a 24Kt necklace may seem too heavy on the pockets, lower quality gold is relatively affordable compared to other precious jewelry products sold by Indiana gold jewelry stores. This means that you don't have to lose an arm and a leg just to have your own set of gold rings or necklaces. There are also hundreds of online jewelry stores that sell gold jewelry at relatively low prices.

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