Guess the score and win 3 diamond/sapphire bands

The rivalry is legendary. The stakes are enormous. The odds are anyone’s guess. Anyone even remotely following football has the October 18th Colts vs. New England game on their radar.

And -- so do we – at Distinctive Diamonds! Our Facebook followers could be in for a fabulous – and very sparkly – triple win in blue and white.

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and “Like Us.” Then correctly guess the final score of the game and post it under the comment section our Indianapolis Facebook site.

What do you win? A trio of sapphire and diamond bands – in Colts colors -- by Fana of New York – one of our newest and already most popular designers of diamond jewelry.

Each Fana ring is filled with high quality, perfectly matched stones. The look is all Colts and very on trend.

It’s a great way to celebrate our home team – along with Distinctive Diamonds. It’s also a terrific way to welcome Fana jewelry to the Distinctive Diamonds home team in Indy and now, to our new store in St. Louis.

Go Colts!

Distinctive Diamonds! Where Indy gets engaged.

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