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1. What inspired you to open Distinctive Diamonds?

Before Distinctive Diamonds was founded, I was a wholesaler on the road traveling to all of the jewelry stores in the Midwest to sell the stores diamonds. To see first-hand how much the jewelry stores were marking these diamonds up to sell at was a big eye opener for me.  To realize I could sell the diamonds to the public at the same price the jewelry stores were buying the diamonds for made me start to think about having my own store. I figured if I could sell at an unbelievable price, strive to give the best WOW customer service out there, and warranty all jewelry for life at no charge there was no way we could be beat. This is how Distinctive Diamonds came to be the best place to buy an engagement ring!

2. Do you ever want to be a large corporate chain?

Absolutely not. I want to grow to have a maximum of three stores but I feel after three stores you lose the control of the service that customer’s love us for. I don’t want my employees to feel like just a number out there either. I take pride in making all my employees feel as they are part of my family and they mean something to me.

3. What makes Distinctive Diamonds environment different than others?

We are a family environment here that continually grows our family with new family members being our staff, along with customers that we hope to have for life as well. We are all personally attached to each other where most bosses are all work I love my employees to work hard but we like to play hard together too!

4. What’s the most important thing to you besides Distinctive Diamonds?

My family and our health. My wife will always be number one because we are the base and structure of Distinctive along with my family. Without this structure my family it all can break down. And my second most important are my two beautiful daughters that I love dearly.


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