Shop on line for diamonds? Go for it!

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At Distinctive Diamonds, we encourage on line price comparisons!

At Distinctive Diamonds, we encourage on line shopping. We not only provide you with solid information on comparing diamonds so that you can make a better educated decision, but we’ll be happy to help you search on line before you buy.

There are lots of online diamond retailers. Looking on line is a great place to take a look at multiple diamond shapes and sizes, and get a good idea of pricing.

Online diamond retailers work on a 4-5 % profit margin. And with high volume, some web sites can rack in millions per year. No stores in the Indy area can compete with that -- except Distinctive Diamonds. Why us? Because we get the diamonds straight from our diamond cutter with no markups. We can match or beat any diamond price you find on line, matching size, shape, cut, clarity and color.

There are many other places to shop on line. So, look around, decide what you like, what you don’t, and get an idea of price range. Then come to us. Together, we can find you the best diamond, set in the best ring, at the best price, hands down!

That’s why we say “Distinctive Diamonds, where Indy gets engaged!

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