Verragio — Distinctive’s newest bridal line

Verragio D-122PDistinctive Diamonds is pleased to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive Verragio retailer in Indianapolis.

Barry Verragio is the innovator and creator of the line that bears his name. His bridal styles – both engagement rings and wedding bands -- are youthful and extraordinarily feminine, with lots of attention to detail.

Besides intricate engagement rings in a wide range of mixed metals including rose gold, Verragio allows you to have a ring unlike any other.

What Verragio is most celebrated for is creating the Lumino diamond setting. Developed by Barry Verragio, this setting involves a revolutionary technique that suspends the diamond in its setting, exposing all facets to light. This incredible technique is utilized in over 95% of Verragio styles, making each Verragio design as luminous and unique as the woman who wears it.

Come into Distinctive Diamonds showroom and take a look at the many gorgeous Verragio collections, including Parisian, Venetian, Couture, Insignia and Paradiso, each with a personality all its own.

Verragio and Distinctive Diamonds, together. Where Indy gets (beautifully) engaged.


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