We have Santa’s ear…

We know sometimes you just like to come into Distinctive Diamonds and take a look at what’s new and sparkly and try on your favorite things. Believe us, we understand. We do it all the time, too.

So next time you’re visiting, whatever it is that speaks to you, let us know. We can register your sparkly loves on our Wish List. And once you write down your favorites, we do our best to share them with Santa, his elves, your spouse or significant other, and to whomever else you casually suggest that your list exists with us!

Whether it’s a wish for Christmas, your anniversary, or a special birthday, we want to help you make sure it’s perfect.

Gift-givers want to get their gifts right, of course. They appreciate knowing they are giving something you really want. And so do we! At Distinctive Diamonds, our goal is to ensure that you receive exactly what you love.

So… word to the wise, make your wishes known. We will be happy to pass the word!

Distinctive Diamonds. Where Indy gets engaged, and where holiday wishes come true.



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