We take care of you (and your ring) too, just like that guy that asked you to marry him.

building-about1At Distinctive Diamonds, there is no fine print to worry about and no additional charges after you purchase.

The price we quote for a ring, includes the stone and the ring, ring sizing, cleaning whenever you come into the store, and a yearly appraisal. If you shop around, chances are you will find most other diamond retailers will not provide you with anything close to this. Most stores charge a fee of $100 or more to set a diamond in your ring, plus another $90 or so to size it.

When you come in to appraise your ring, that’s another $185.

Lifetime warranty? Yet another upcharge.

But here, we have no additional hidden fees or upcharges. We include each of these services ‘on the house’ because we believe to earn a ‘customer for life,’ we should take care of them for life.

In order to do this, we have to be more selective in choosing our diamonds and our settings. And that works out in your favor, too!

So, enjoy making a selection of jewelry here at Distinctive Diamonds. We stand behind our service commitment to the jewelry you buy from us, each and every day, on each and every purchase.

 It’s one more reason why Distinctive Diamonds is where Indy gets engaged!


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