Why Distinctive Diamonds is the place Indy goes shopping this season

Sure, Distinctive Diamonds is the place where Indy (and now, St. Louis) get engaged. But it’s also the place where Indy and St. Louis goes for the best holiday gifts at the best prices.

Whether you are looking for your daughter (may we suggest a silver and diamond angel pendant? Just $99) ….or a girlfriend (consider our silver tanzanite oval gemstone ring, surrounded by diamonds, $79; or a sterling silver heart pendant set with a single diamond, also just $79)…. Distinctive Diamonds has choices that meet your budget – and surpass her dreams.

For your lovely wife? We have crazy-gorgeous 14K white and yellow gold diamond pendants (1/3 ctw) under $1k. And a selection of 14K white gold cocktail rings in1 ctw for $1999; 2 ctw for $3999, and 3 ctw for $5999. White 14K gold infinity diamond bands 1ctw for under $1k, too. You can’t go wrong.

Point is, we have the sparkle, the fashion, the diamonds, the gold, the silver…. And all the must-have styles by the best designers… for far less than you thought you’d have to spend.

Really, why shop anywhere else? Distinctive Diamonds, where Indy and St. Louis go shopping for the holidays.

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