Megan Crabtree



Vice President of Distinctive Diamonds

Staff Member Bio


1. Why did you come to work for Distinctive Diamonds?

There are two reasons I came to work for Distinctive which is Eli and the quality of life. Eli is an amazing boss that has built this business from scratch which I can truly appreciate. We work hard but also play hard. We have Sundays off to spend with our family which is unheard of in this business so my quality of life has completely changed. Also having the background of training 1500 jewelry stores across the US and Canada, knowing and believing this is the best store in the country never hurts either.  2. How long have you been in the jewelry business?

I grew up going to school in the mornings and loving to go to my parent’s family owned store after work to help with the gift wrapping as a little girl. My father opened his store at 25 and it was my dream as well. At 20 years old after graduation I moved straight to Southwest Florida to run my first chain of 3 locations. After traveling a few years training jewelry stores and managing one of the top five largest stores in the Country, to being here it’s been about 9 years in the business.


3. What is your favorite part of being at Distinctive Diamonds?

Building relationship with customers, and having fun with my team here! I truly love what I do and don’t see this as work. Meeting new customers every day and later down the road to see all the generations of their family and there groups of friends then to come to us its extremely rewarding. It means we are doing a great job to grow our Distinctive Diamonds family. And our team we work hard but we play hard to and I am very blessed to have the team I do here.


4. What is your favorite place to travel?

As a little girl my family has been lucky enough to have a condo in Siesta Key Florida along with a Lake house for the weekends. These are my favorite childhood memories, and they continually grow each year.

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